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Karol G releases her new album ‘KG0516’, a mixture of genres and collaborations with diverse artists



Karol G

Karol G, the Colombian reggaeton singer, surprised her fans with the premiere of her new album KG0516. This 16-song album is the artist’s most intimate and experimental production since the start of her career and is now available on all digital music platforms. 

Nicki Minaj, J Balvin, Annuel AA, Wisin & Yandel, and Camilo are some of the artists that collaborated with the female artist. The cover of the album was created by the famous photographer David LaChapelle and portraits Karol G posing next to a nude model who has a golden airplane placed over her private parts.

The aviation-inspired the cover, the promotional video, and also the album’s title. The interpreter herself explained in an interview that this mixture of letters and numbers is a flight number in which she is taking all her followers when they listen to her album. The initials KG refer to the singer’s name, 0516 is May 16, 2006, the day that her parents signed an artistic contract on her behalf.

“I put my whole life to every word I wrote, to every video I recorded, to every detail I planned. Seeing it already out there was the only reason why I did not sleep in the last two months,” says Karol on his Instagram account.

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“The album will show a new side of Karol G that fans have never seen,” she says.

KG0516 includes her hit single, Location, which the artist describes as a “special scale that really takes us to a different place”. Throughout the album, the singer is able to transport fans to a new musical realm that brings an eccentric experience, both visually and musically. With hairstyles that go out of the ordinary and dress according to the rhythm of the song. 

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Another popular song on the album is called El Barco, and the lyrics speak of the emptiness that a person has after losing her love. The song talks about pain at first until you get past the painful stage; all until she decided to pull herself together after that person let the ship go. “I don’t even want to see you in painting anymore”, “I don’t want to hear you crying for forgiveness when it was you who made the decision,” says. 

For these lyrics, the fans of the Colombian have commented that it could be the key to the rumors of a break with Anuel AA. However, the singer has not confirmed the separation or said that this song is inspired by the male artist. 

The album contains a total of 16 songs and features great collaborations along with high-caliber artists such as Alberto Stylee, Anuel AA, Brray, Camilo, Emilee, Ivy Queen, J Balvin, Juanka, Ludacris, Mariah Angeliq, Nathy Peluso, Nicki Minaj, Nicky Jam, Ozuna, Wisin & Yandel, Yandar & Yostin and Zion. Each of the collaborators on the album comes from a different part of the world, allowing each song to have a totally unique sound perspective.

In 2020, Karol G was the Latin artist with the most streams on Spotify and her hit song “Tusa” has been played almost a billion times on the platform.

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