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Kanye West Releases Presidential Campaign Video




As we get closer and closer to the 2020 election, Kanye West is trying to make sure he has your vote. When he announced that he was running for president a few years ago, not too many people took him seriously. Then, his remarks and antics got everyone’s attention.

A couple of days ago, West took to Twitter to release his presidential ad video along with his website which now has over a million views. In the video, he stands in front of a black and white American flag and asks, “America, what is our destiny?” The entire gist of his ad was that through prayer, we can restore our faith as well as help others prosper.

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His website,, displays his video, as well as merchandise that the rapper has for sale to raise money for his campaign. The items consist of shirts, hoodies, and hats which range from $40 to $200. Also on his site, he lists the bases of his platform which all stem around God. He plans to restore the national economy, reform the legal justice system, take care of the environment and more.

While his name isn’t an option, he is encouraging voters to write his name in on the ballot. We’ll have to wait until November roles around to see how everything turns out.

Lawrencia Grose is a southern native who loves everything entertainment and anything revolved around black excellence! She loves writing, graphic design, and hopes to work in the media industry when she graduates.

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