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Joe Biden Takes The White House As The Next 46th President of the United States



Over the weekend, Americans rejoiced as Joe Biden became the President- elect of the United States of America. After three days of uncertainty Pennsylvania finished counting their votes Saturday evening which put Biden at 274 electoral votes and over 4 million national popular votes. During his speeches he promises to be a leader that “seeks not to divide, but to unify”. 

“I sought this office to restore the soul of America and to make America respected around the world again and to unite us here at home”, stated Biden. He even addressed Trump supporters by showing being sympathetic to their disappointment. “Let’s give each other a chance. It’s time put away harsh rhetoric, to lower the temperature, to see each other again, to listen to each other again, to make progress, we must stop treating our opponents as our enemy. We are not enemies. We are Americans”, he stated. 

Biden has a full load of work ahead of him after his inauguration January 20th. The country is still battling the Coronavirus, racial justice, and economic fairness. Shortly after Biden was declared the President elect he and Kamala Harris attended a Coronavirus briefing and he also attended church. Biden will announce his Coronavirus Taskforce next week. According to politico, he also is planning to embrace science , push mask wearing as a patriotic act and work with congress to pass a massive stimulus package. This approach would be much different from the Trump administration’s response which put burden on states. 

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