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Everything we know about Apple’s iPhone 13 release



iphone 13

The iPhone 13 launch might be just weeks away now. As the regular release month of Apple products comes closer (September) rumors and headlines have come out with what the new iPhone might bring to the market. 

Although Apple never comments on unreleased projects, some features are already being talked about online. To this point, this is what we know that might come with the iPhone 13. 

The device might offer a 120Hz LTPO display on both Pro models, an improvement of battery life due to a more efficient 5G modem, and substantial upgrades to the all-important cameras. These are allegedly bigger and might include a new portrait video mode. 

A filtered report released in July revealed that Apple ordered more than 100 million A15 for the iPhone 13, which indicates that the company might expect high demand. It might also offer faster 25W charging, although it is uncertain. 

The iPhone 13 could offer reverse wireless charging, according to tipster Max Weinbach, which would allow the phone to charge devices like the AirPods Pro and Apple Watch. Nonetheless, Bloomberg previously reported that the iPhone 13 likely won’t include reverse wireless charging. So at this stage, we would consider this rumor still in the air.

The price of the iPhone 13 may not vary much from previous versions. We’d expect the prices to track with the iPhone 12 range — $699, $799, $999, and $1,099, respectively. And yes, four iPhone 13 are expected to be released, such as happened with the iPhone12. 

A report by TrendForce says that the iPhone 13 pricing should be “relatively on par” with the current iPhone 12 models. Unfortunately, the firm also says that the iPhone 13 Pro models won’t have a 1TB storage option. 

Various rumors point toward the new iPhone coming in the same four sizes as the iPhone 12: a 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini, a 6.1-inch iPhone 13, a 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro, and a 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

As for the colors, the  Space Gray model should return to the lineup, though potentially with a new black matte shade for the iPhone 13 Pro; orange and bronze are apparently in the mix to debut as colors for this year’s Pro models too.

All these features are rumors and we won’t know for sure what the iPhone13 will actually have. If you’d like to see a comparison on how the iPhone 13 might differ from the previous version, this video of Marques Brownlee

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