Cardi B Spent Over $100K On Covid-19 Testing During WAP Music Video

Cardi B’s “WAP” video has a lot of people talking! From, snakes, to tigers, to several COVID-19 tests, the starlet pulled out all the works. In a recent interview, Cardi revealed that she spent $100,000 on COVID-19 testing on her crew to make sure everyone was safe while on set. 

“It was kind of weird shooting the video in the age of corona. Like, we had to spend $100,000 dollars just on testing. Everybody on the shoot had to get tested for Coronavirus. We had a tiger and a leopard there, but we didn’t film with them in there because of safety and because of the pandemic. We spliced those scenes together”, she stated. 

Since the release of the video, it has received about 98 million views on YouTube. 

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