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Cardi B and Bernie Sanders Talk Politics on Instagram Live





Cardi B and former 2020 presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, took to Instagram live last week Tuesday (April 14th ) to discuss Joe Biden’s Presidential bid,Why Sanders endorsed Biden, the Coronavirus Pandemic, and more. 

Cardi is not shy about speak her voice about politics. She stated that her goal for the Instagram Live session with Sanders was to “make sure all [her] followers are aware “. This was her second time interviewing Senator Bernie Sanders.

“Listen, I don’t talk like a CNN correspondent and don’t use all this fancy vocabulary but I do give you THE REAL while entertaining you all the same time to keep your attention on what’s important. I have a platform of 62.7 million followers and yesterday my live had 133k viewers and almost a million people tuned in. I just want to bring awareness to what’s going on in our country and around the world”, she captioned her instagram video. 

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During the live Sanders stated why he decided to drop out of the race and endorse former Vic President Joe Biden. “First point is that when I announced that I was running for president and there were like 18 people running, what I said is, ‘If I don’t win, and I tried hard to win, I will endorse the Democrat who wins, because Donald Trump is-in my mind- the most dangerous president in the modern history of America.’ This is a guy who lies all the time. He doesn’t believe in science. He downplayed this whole coronavirus, which has led to the deaths of many thousands of people unnecessarily.”

Amani is the Editor-In-Chief of Aman Magazine. Aside from managing the day to day operations of the magazine she is also a radio personality for Hits 92.3.

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