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Aman Magazine Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary





Atlanta, GA, For Immediate Release

Aman Magazine announced the celebration of its 7th year as a news publication since its launch in 2013.

Aman Magazine is a bi-monthly online news publication that features beauty, lifestyle and entertainment stories for millennial African American women. In 2013, founder and Editor-in-Chief, Amani Sams launched the Aman brand as a platform to encourage young women through beauty and fashion. Sams’ goal is to feature black excellence and women of color in a positive light while also discussing social justice and important issues within the Black and African American community.

“Aman Magazine started as a blog in my dorm room,” Sams said. “It truly warms my heart to see how far the publication has come. My original goal was to showcase all of our cover stars in a positive light despite their backgrounds and to also highlight their businesses and ventures.”

Powerful women, such as Rap Game’s Miss Mulatto, WAGS stars Kierra Douglas and Ariel Anderson, and recording artist Dondria have graced the cover of Aman Magazine discussing what it means to be a woman and a boss. The magazine gives readers insight into upcoming artists and exclusive interviews with their favorite celebrities. The brand keeps readers up to date on current pop culture news events and the beauty and fashion community. 

In the past seven years, Aman has evolved to include a more diverse target audience by expanding into two new divisions of the publication: Aman Magazine Latina and Teen Aman Magazine. Aman Magazine Latina was created to feature millennial bilingual Latina women and highlight the Latin community. This publication includes both English and Spanish content. Teen Aman Magazine features content for Generation Z in the new digital age. 

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“The biblical meaning of the number seven is perfection and completeness,” Sams said. “The number seven also represents deepness and wisdom. For our 7th anniversary of business, my goal moving forward is to report deep and wise content, free of simple explanations and surface-level information with each article and publication.”

Recently, Aman Magazine has announced the launch of a digital app its expansion into entertainment news television through online streaming. Aman TV will air live and pre-recorded segments of news from Atlanta. Aman Television will also compete in Atlanta’s highly competitive pop culture television industry but will also provide opportunities for businesses to advertise and market on an international level. Sams’ goal is to become one of the leading TV stations in Atlanta—and globally— by providing viewers with content that interests them and meeting the needs of business clients. 

“Within these seven years, I have learned that true journalism is more than just Instagram likes, retweets, or shares,” Sams said. “It’s more than awards and clout. It’s about informing the public and giving them valued information that could possibly change and inspire lives.”

For more information on Aman Magazine and its publications, please visit 

Contact Info:

Amani Sams, Editor-in-Chief

Organization: Aman Magazine


Amani is the Editor-In-Chief of Aman Magazine. Aside from managing the day to day operations of the magazine she is also a radio personality for Hits 92.3.

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