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The Sarah Everard Case Sparks An Outcry Of Women’s Safety WorldWide




On 3rd March whilst walking home from a friend’s house in South London, Sarah Everard aged 33, went missing. Just over a week later, it was confirmed that a serving member of our Metropolitan police force, Wayne Couzens, was accused with her kidnapping and murder. 

A member of the very people who are meant to be keeping us safe has not only put a woman in danger, but taken her life and taken her away from friends and family. The question asked, is what more could have Sarah done? She was on the phone to her partner when she made her journey home, wore brightly coloured clothing and walked along a main road yet her life was still put in jeopardy. As woman in the UK, what more can we do than that?

Across social media, there has been so much support, and the continuation of women’s voices addressing not only their own or others sexual harassment stories, but the praise of woman for International Woman’s day on March 8th, and then Mother’s Day on 14th March. However, in between the celebration of women on these days, ‘’not all men’’ trended on Twitter, indicating that we shouldn’t be too hard on the men, yet the statistics across the country for women aged 18 – 24 being a victim of sexual harassment are an extremely high 97%. 

Police across the country suggested that women should stay inside in the evening in order to keep safe, although the argument made was why don’t men stay inside instead, since they seem to be the problem? A member of the Green party, spoke out and made a suggestion of men having a 6pm curfew in hopes to stop having the same thing happen again to other women across the country. But will it ever stop happening? 

A similar event happened last year in June when two sisters, Bibaa Henry aged 46, and Nicole Smallman aged 27 were stabbed to death after partying with friends. Family of the sisters had to conduct their own search after assumptions were made on their class and race, ‘’ I knew instantly why they didn’t care… a black woman who lives on a council estate’’ said their mother. After Nicole’s boyfriend had discovered the bodies himself, along with the murder weapon, it shortly came out that 2 police officers again had abused their power and taken pictures of and shared, photos of the dead bodies. 

On Saturday 13th March in Clapham Common where Sarah lived, a vigil was held in honour of her memory. Many people travelled to pay their respects; lighting candles, laying flowers and cards, some even holding placards that said ‘’we will not be silenced’’. Interestingly enough, police officers were called to the scene and arrested some of the ‘peaceful protestors’ and as shown on social media, some were even forced to the ground.



A photo of a woman from the vigil wore a top ‘’abuse of power comes as no surprise’’ and this sums up perfectly the events that have not just happened recently, or in the past, but what will continue to happen. Unfortunately, just like Mina Smallman (mother of Bibaa and Nicole) mentioned when her daughters died last year, race and class often seem to play a huge part in woman’s disappearances, murders and also how quickly the police respond to searching and investigating their cases.  

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After the impact of social media and women across Britain voicing their stories, and the stories of other victims, we are no where near the end of this but it’s great to see ‘girls supporting girls’ and truly stick together after an extremely tragic and tough week. 


Below is the list of (118) names that MP Jess Philips read out, of women that have been killed by men in the United Kingdom over the past year. It’s important to honour their memory, and continue to remember them. They are not just victims to their murderers, they are all their own amazing person, and they have their own stories. 

Vanita Nowell, Tracey Kidd, Nelly Mustafa ,Zahida Bi, Josephine Kaye , Shadika Mohsin Patel ,

Maureen Kidd, Wendy Morse, Nageeba Alariqy , Elsie Smith, Kelly Stewart  ,Gwendoline Bound ,

Ruth Williams ,Victoria Woodhall ,Kelly Fitzgibbons,  Caroline Walker , Katie Walker,

Zobaidah Salangy , Betty Dobbin,  Sonia Calvi ,Maryan Ismail Daneilla Espirito Santa ,

Ruth Brown ,Denise Keane-Barnett-Simmons, Jadwiga Szczygielsk, Emma Jane McParland,

Louise Aitchison, Silke Hartshorne-Jones, Hyacinth Morris ,Louise Smith  ,Claire Parry ,

Aya Hachem , Melissa Belshaw , Yvonne Lawson McCann  ,Lyndsey Alcock ,Aneta Zdun,

Nicoleta Zdun, Mandy Houghton ,Amy- Leanne Stringfellow, Bibaa Henry , Nicole Smallman ,

Dawn Bennett ,Gemma Marjoram , Karolina Zinkeviciene ,Rosemary Hill, Jackie Hoadley ,

Khloemae Loy, Kerry Wolley , Shelly Clark, Bernadette Walker, Stella Frew , Dawn Fletcher,

Deborah Jones Hendrick  ,Partycja Wyrebek , Therasia Gordo,n Esther Egbon, Susan Baird,

Balvinder Gahir ,Lynda Cooper ,Lorraine Cox ,Suzanne Winnister , Maria Howarth ,

Abida Karim ,Saman Mir Sacharvi  Vian Mangrio ,Poorna Kaameshwari Sivaraj , Louise Rump,

Julie Williams, Rhonda Humphreys  ,Nicole McGregor, Angela Webber ,Carole Wright ,

Sarah Smith  ,Ildiko Bettison, Kimberly Deakin , Marie Gladders, Paula Leather ,Caroline Kayll,

Lauren Mae Bloomer , Hansa Patel,   Helen Bannister , Marta Vento  , Andreia Patricia Rodriguez Guilherme

Joanna Borucka,   Azaria Williams , Catherine Granger  , Eileen Dean , Sue Addis,  Carol Hart ,  Jacqueline Price , 

Mary Wells,   Tiprat Argatu , Christie Frewin,   Souad Bellaha,  Ann Turner , N’Taya Elliott-Cleverley , 

Rose Marie Tinton,  Ranjit Gill,   Helen Joy,  Emma Robertson , Nicole Anderson,  Linda Maggs, 

Carol Smith  , Sophie Moss , Christina Rowe,   Susan Hannaby,  Michelle Lizanec, 

Wieslawa Mierzejewska , Judith Rhead  , Anna Ovsyannikova,  Tina Eyre,  Katie Simpson, 

Bennylyn Burke , Samantha Heap, Imogen Bohajczuk , Wenjing Xu  , Sarah Everard 


Written By: Skye Miller

Amani is the Editor-In-Chief of Aman Magazine. Aside from managing the day to day operations of the magazine she is also a radio personality for Hits 92.3.

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