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Will Hand Sanitizer Ruin Your Engagement Ring?





With the current pandemic spreading across the globe and the sudden awareness of constant handwashing has gotten newly engaged women wondering if hand sanitizers will ruin their rings. The answer is yes according to the well-known diamond retailer, James Allen.

The jewelers say “excessive exposure to hand sanitizer and cleaning agents can make[ the ]finish on white gold wear a little bit faster, but it won’t cause immediate damage. Extensive hand sanitizer use can also loosen prongs that hold diamonds in place. If possible you should avoid rubbing hand sanitizer or harsh cleaning products directly onto your ring. The best option is to remove your ring, apply hand sanitizer, let it dry and then put your ring back on”.

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They also stated that constant contact with chlorine, bleach, rubbing alcohol, antibacterial soaps, and hand sanitizers “can break down the brilliance of metals and gems over time”. Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend even in a pandemic. We just highly suggest investing in a pair of latex or rubber gloves to protect your health and your bling.

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