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T.I. Defends YouTube Personality Kevin Samuels




T.I. is calling out people who he believes are bullying Kevin Samuels after his death. Samuels, who reportedly passed away as a result of a heart attack, was 53-years-old at the time of his death. While a number of the YouTuber’s supporters mourned his death by celebrating his impact and legacy, many people are being accused of being satisfied in his passing on social media.

Rap star T.I., took to instagram live and deemed cruel reactions to his passing a “f**king travesty of justice,” considering his critics “despicable.”

“I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it. I ain’t gon’ let y’all bully this dead man. We gon’ let this man rest in peace,” the Atlanta native said in the clip.

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“Whatever he did, he did it and [he’s] gone. He got away with it, f**k ya. That’s between him and God. Him and the Lord gon’ have to deal with it. You ain’t got no heaven or hell to put him in. So, I wanna see who the f**k wanna say something to me while I’m still alive.”

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