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Stacey Abrams Urges Hollywood not to Boycott Georgia due to Heartbeat Bill




Elected Georgia governor, Brian Kemp, has signed the Heartbeat Bill 481, which bans abortion after six weeks in the state of Georgia. The Heartbeat Bill is the most extreme abortion bill in the United States. Many women are protesting the new law because most women don’t know that they are pregnant until six weeks. Also, most doctors don’t check for pregnancy until eight weeks.

The previous law in Georgia was that abortions could be performed before 12 weeks (1st trimester). Now women that attempt to get an abortion could face life in prison. The abortion would be considered a murder. The doctor that performs the abortion would be punished as well. Seeking abortions outside of the state could still violate the new law.

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Not only has this new law angered many women, but it has also angered many Hollywood executives that have called Atlanta the “Hollywood of the South”. Several well-known companies such as Netflix, Walt Disney, Viacom, and Showtime have threatened to take business away due to the new law. 

Former Georgia Governor hopeful and activist, Stacey Abrams, flew to Hollywood to urge the Hollywood officials not to boycott the state which receives a hefty revenue from the capital’s entertainment side. Although Abram’s visit angered some republicans, she feels that the executives considered her point. However, they have yet to say if they have reconsidered their previous statements.

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