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Ripley’s unknowingly gifted Kim K a fake lock of Marilyn Monroe’s hair




Kim Kardashian might have unknowingly been gifted a fake lock of Marilyn’s hair by Robert Ripley Believe it or Not.  After the news was shared Monroe historian Scott Fortner debunked the news and says he has the literal receipts to prove it.

“News Alert: Marilyn Monroe Hair Gifted to Kardashian by Ripley’s is Fake,” Fortner wrote on Instagram. “Who styled Marilyn’s hair for the JFK gala: Robert Champion or Kenneth Battelle?”

He shared a screenshot from Ripley’s website, featuring a display of the hair, which was supposedly authenticated by University Archives founder John Reznikoff. They claimed the hair was cut from Monroe’s head by hairstylist Robert Champion ahead of her iconic Madison Square Garden performance for President John F. Kennedy’s birthday on May 19, 1962, three months before her passing.

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“News Flash: Robert Champion did not cut and style Marilyn’s hair for the JFK gala,” Fortner wrote. “It was actually the one and only ‘Mr. Kenneth’ (Battelle) who had the honors. Battelle is responsible for Marilyn’s famous hairstyle from that night, as documented by a receipt from Lilly Dache Beauty Salon.”

Reps for Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! and Reznikoff did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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