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Should We Ignore School Shootings? By: Sidra Khan




A recent school shooting at Parkland High School in Florida has made me question if this started because of the law of gun carry or if the shooters have some kind of mental illness. Nikolas Cruz, 19, was the one who shot 17 people including students and teachers. On February 15, 2018, Cruz was taken to the jailhouse for his hearing. During his hearing, it was revealed that he was expelled from his high school, and he would post pictures of weapons and dead animals. A comment left on YouTube by Cruz stated ‘he wished to be a professional school shooter.’


I believe that this has all started because President Trump passed a law that lets adults carry guns as long as they have a gun permit. Lori Alhadeff, a mother of one of the victims sent President Trump a message which said, “Get these guns out of the hands of these young kids and get these guns off the streets.” President Trump said mental illness was the cause of the shooting when I believe that the cause were the guns itself.

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In the most recent hearing of Cruz, he was taken back to his cell after a few minutes of the hearing. The Executive Chief Public Defender Gordon Weekes, who was present during the hearing said that this is the last hearing that Nikolas would be attending. After Florida’s Department of Children and Families investigated Nikolas, they found out that he was suffering from depression, ADHD and autism, and he had even cut his arms in a Snapchat post.

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