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R Kelly Finally Gets A Court Date




Robert Kelly is giving a tentative court date of Sept. 14  in Chicago courts. R Kelly finds himself in the news once again because of U.S District Judge Harry Leinenweber,  who presides over the state’s case against Kelly. He is setting a new tentative court date of Sept. 14 to expedite the proceedings.

“We need at some point to have this case go to trial,” said Judge Leinenweber.

Kelly will be tried on multiply counts of sexual misconduct involving four accusers, including three who were underaged at the time. This includes two counts of receiving child pornography, four counts of producing child pornography, five counts of enticement of minors to engage in criminal sexual activity, and one conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Kelly’s legal challenges don’t just stop in Chicago. Kelly is also charged with multiple counts of sex crimes in Illinois, New York, and  Minnesota. In the New York case, the U.S District Court in Brooklyn charged Kelly with racketeering and recruiting women and underage girls for “Illegal sexual activities.”

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Kelly isolated the women and girls from their friends and family and made them dependent on him for their financial well-being,” said, Prosecutors.

These accusations echo the statements made by the women on the Documentary “Surviving R Kelly.”  The New York case was initially set on Apr. 7 but changed to Aug. 9.

Out of concern of the New York trial conflicting with the Chicago trial, a five-month gap period was given from the opening of the New York Trial.

Kelly in Minnesota  Is charged with two criminal offenses related to engaging in prostitution with a minor that took place 20 years ago.  The crime details are explicit, but regardless of his pending cases in other states, Minnesota victims need due process.

“….Minnesota victims deserve their day in court.” Said Freeman, attorney for Hennepin County.

Since his arrest in Jul, Kelly is held in custody at a federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago as he awaits his trial. Kelly continues to maintain his innocence.

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