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R. Kelly Associate Pleads Guilty to Setting Fire to Accusers SUV




An Associate of Robert Kelly pleads guilty to Arson after torching alleged victims SUV in Florida. It seems like Kelly always finds himself in the news. To his alleged cases with child pornography, to the documentary on Lifetime about his sex slaves titled “Surviving R. Kelly,“ and to his outbursts on Good Morning America, as Host Gayla king tried to calm him from his tirade.

Associate of Kelly, Michael Williams, a relative of Kelly’s Former Publicist, pleads guilty to Arson after setting Azriel Clary’s, Ex-girlfriend of Kelly, SUV on fire in her driveway at Florida home.

“I am lucky to be alive,” said Clary. Clary shared the damage of her SUV on her Instagram.

The arson took place around early June 2020 around 3 A.M

Wiliams committed the act to keep Clary quiet on the pending cases against Kelly. The prosecution discovered that Clary was not the only target William had. Williams, a few days prior, had googled “how fertilizer bombs work.”

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“I saw an individual fleeing from the scene of the fire whose arm appeared to be on fire.” Said Florida residence to the police.

Williams admitted to deliberately setting the car on fire in the driveway of the victim’s home to  Brooklyn Federal Court Judge Ann Donelly,’  As part of a plea bargain deal to dismiss the previous charge for witness-tampering.

Williams will be serving a minimum of 60 months and a maximum of 71 months in jail for the conviction.

“Someone not only set my car on fire at 3 A.M. but also made a gas line around my entire house with the intentions of burning my entire house down. Said Clairy.

It seems that Kelly never leaves the news cycle. Kelly complains the media is always out for his disinterest. Yet still, the antics around him prove otherwise. Kelly will also be in court for multiply counts spanning a decade of “illegal sexual misconduct.”

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