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The pressure is really there when you’re a freshman in college and you want to get involved, but you don’t know where to start. One mistake I made when trying to get involved was joining every organization I could think of that would benefit me. If you’re afraid of commitment, this is not the move for you.

Organizations are time consuming and if you are in one too many groups just for looks, you won’t be getting anything out of them. In my experience, I did not receive much from the organizations I joined because my mind was in too many different places and itwas hard to connect with people. After that trial and error, I knew I would have to pick, choose, and prioritize between the orgs.

My suggestion would be to be in at least one or two organizations that you know will benefit you in the long run if you put in enough effort. If you’re looking in that direction, go towards an organization that caters to your major. Major focused orgs are great for networking opportunities and hands on experience! If you’re looking for something just to “get away” there are orgs for that as well! Every campus should have a place to go for you to get connected with organizations that cater to your needs.After my first semester experiencing absolute chaos because I couldn’t manage multiple organizations, I dropped everything and joined one org until I was able to find a balance and get in where I fit in. Belonging to a group is a great part of the college experience. It’s where you are likely to make those great connections as well as life long friends!

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*Written by: Maggie Coker

Amani is the Editor-In-Chief of Aman Magazine. Aside from managing the day to day operations of the magazine she is also a radio personality for Hits 92.3.

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