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Jacqie Rivera takes over Jenni Rivera Enterprises



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It has been confirmed that Jacqie Rivera, daughter of La Diva de la Branda, will be the new executor of Jenni Rivera Enterprises.

The music producer and brother to Jenni Rivera, Juan Rivera, announced the update regarding his niece in an interview with the program Chisme No Like.


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Juan Rivera said, “Well, I hope I know how to preserve and reproduce it as it has been until now, because many people depend on that money. Excellent, she is Jenni’s daughter, and it is good that she is, although it would have been better to have someone professional with experience in that field. I hope that the brothers do not throw themselves up to her too, as what the want is money.”


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Jenni Rivera was an American singer, songwriter, actress, television producer, spokesperson, philanthropist, and entrepreneur known for her work within the Regional Mexican music genre. She passed away in Dec. 2012.

Earlier this year, Rosie Rivera, CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, decided to resign and leave the office.

In worries of no CEO being appointed, the company would disappear.

The decision fell on four of the five children of the late singer who are Jacqie Campos (Rivera), Michael Marin, Jenicka Lopez, and Johnny Lopez. The fifth child of Rivera, Chiquis Rivera, was disinherited shortly before the passing of her mother in 2012 due to a mother-daughter conflict.


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On the other hand, brothers Juan and Lupillo Rivera have been involved in a war of declarations. Juan Rivera said he felt calm about the work that Rosie Rivera has done at the head of Jeni Rivera Enterprises, since it increased the fortune of his sister.

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Also, he implied he knows nothing about the audit and made it clear that he never touched La Diva de la Banda’s money and always served as Rosie’s employee.

Furthermore, it took the internet no time to react to the news update on its CEO. It was even more shocking that psychic Vieira Vidente predicted that Rosie Rivera would reveal who will take her place in the company of the late singer.

Juan Rivera said, “The letters are telling me that this situation, this separation from this family, because they are all problematic, here there are a lot of dimes and tell, here there is a lot of selfishness, here there is a lot of envy. In this situation, I am seeing a very Rosie Rivera clear, very sincere and that she is speaking the truth.”

After several days of speculation, lawsuits, and indirect actions between the Rivera family, there has been a decision made that Jacqie Rivera will be the new executor of Jenni Rivera Enterprises.

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