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How Jade Thirlwall kept the Little Mix pregnancies a secret




It was recently announced that 2 out of the now 3, Little Mix girls, are expecting babies! Both Leigh – Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards announced that they were expecting at the beginning of this month [May], sharing the news just days apart.

The girls shared the news with the world via Instagram, with a photo shoot – separately of course – but with their partners. Leigh – Anne with her fiancé Andre Gray, and Perrie with her boyfriend Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

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This of course made Jade Thirlwall, the best and biggest secret keeper! But how did she and the girls do it? And how did we not suspect a thing?

The girls were recently on a TikTok live, talking about the journey they’ve had over the past year, in particular their baby journey so far, and how Jade in particular, reacted to the news.

Jade revealed that she actually lied about having a back injury whilst shooting their music video for their song ‘Confetti’, so that the crew at the video shoot didn’t suspect anything unusual.

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Perrie said:

‘’We were at rehearsals at the time… Me and Leigh-Anne were pregnant and so out of breath, but we didn’t want anybody to know, like choreographers and things. We didn’t want anyone in the room to know so Jade was going ‘Oh, my back’ and she was joining in! Leigh-Anne was going ‘My back hurts’ and Jade would go, ‘Oh, my back, I know, my back is gone!'”

Fans also noticed that Jade joined Leigh-Anne and Perrie in wearing baggy clothing so no one would notice their bumps, when visiting the Capital studios recently, before the news were announced.


How amazing is their friendship! Apparently, Jade was also very ‘’overwhelmed’’ by the special news, and she cried when she first found out. – Perrie apparently accidentally said it over a Zoom call, how very 2021!!

It has been a huge month for all of the girls, Jesy included, with her first ever solo magazine cover a long with a solo career.

Can’t wait to see what else is to come!

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