Everything That’s Coming To Netflix This Week

This week marks another week of social distancing and we’ve got you covered on the new releases this week on Netflix.  

Monday, April 20

-Cooked with Cannabis- Netflix Original 

   Chefs compete to make the best cannabis cuisine including CBD sauces for special guests.

-The Midnight Gospel- Netflix Original 

   This animated series follows a family who travels the galaxy. 

-The Vatican Tapes 

Tuesday, April 21 

  -Bleach: The Assault 

 – Bleach: The Bount 

 – Middleditch & Schwartz

Check this out>>>  Netflix Set To Invest Millions Into Black Communities

Wednesday, April 22

  • Circus of Books- Netflix Documentary 

   This documentary follows a couple who ran an LA porn store called Circus of Bookstore for nearly 40 years. 

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