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Who Represents Us?




On Mar. 11th, Atlanta Business leader Milton H. Jones Jr Becomes the first African American to chair The United Negro College Fund.

Milton H. Jones, Jr, a founding member of Peachtree Providence Partners Holding, LLC prior served as Vice-Chair and Finance Chair at UNCF, and He has been a member since 2005.

Now, here is the problem.

The United Negro College Fund is an organization designed to assist underprivileged African American students with college and university educations they otherwise could not afford.

As racial tensions in the country are on the rise. As a people, we are making strides to get to positions that directly affect our people, such as newly elected Kamala Harris being the first African American and Native American Vice President.

I do not want to play identity politics here but, who can represent a people better than one of their own? Why did it take decades to elect an African American chair?

Not saying others cannot represent us but, being an African American in the United States is a unique experience only genuinely understood by an African American.

Especially, in an area that is as important as education, according to a study done by Northeastern University, A Bachelor’s Degree holder will make $26,106 more than a high school diploma holder.

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Something more unsettling, education being a natural income generator, the average net worth of an African American family, according to, is $17,150 as of 2016, which is $9,050 under the poverty line for a four-person household. The average college tuition is 26,345, according to, not mentioning books and boarding.

Meaning, the assets of an entirely African American household cannot put one person through college. Furthermore, proving the importance of this fund to our people.

Here are some of the names and titles of former UNCF chairs; their names and previous titles should give their race away. John D. Rockefeller the 3rd, Former PepsiCo’s CEO of International Food and the Beverage Division, Michael H. Jordan, and former Revlon President and CEO, Jack Stahl

UNCF is a 77-year organization that didn’t believe until now that we couldn’t oversee our funds to help our people. It now begs the question, what black organizations are black-owned or run?

Beyond the undertones, let us celebrate Jones for this great accomplishment. It is a victory, nonetheless.

For a funny take on this story, check out this video by @Kevinonstage on the topic link below.

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