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Sam Jeebun Aster Healthcare



If you have heard about the famous Aster Health Care, you must know its visionary, Sam Jeebun too. He is the CEO and founder of Aster Health Care. Aster HealthCare is one of the most peaceful and safe havens for your loved ones who need some extra care to have a better quality of life. We offer regular checkups and diet plans that help with your condition and make sure you aren’t just dependent on medicine to feel better.


According to Sam Jeebun, the main objective of life at Aster Healthcare is to provide the residents with a better quality of life. Human life is almost meaningless without socializing. Therefore, here at Sam Jeebun’s old age homes, we dedicate special time and personnel to ensure all holidays are celebrated in full swing. The Aster Healthcare caregivers are handpicked by his direct subordinates to make sure nothing can be a hurdle in the way of him providing people with a home-like environment. Every Christmas, from decorations to fun activities, our residents are encouraged to participate. From board games to watching Christmas movies and singing Christmas carols, we make sure all of our residents get to do what brings them the happiest nostalgia.

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With patients under intensive care, special arrangements for family meetups or some sort of interaction activity are arranged. We have created a diverse community of people belonging to different cultures who come together several times a year to celebrate holidays and festivities. We believe that our worth as a well-established network of old age homes is as high as the lowest satisfaction level of any of our patients.

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