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Kanye West’s “Donda” receives new release date on Apple Music




After numerous delays, Kanye  West’s expected album “Donda” just got a new pre-order release date on Apple Music for August 20. The album has been advertised with two live-streamed events that broke records. 

More than 3.3 million watched the July 22 live-stream event and 5.4 million viewers broke a record again on the August 5 presentation at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. According to sources cited by Billboard, West may have earned $7 million from merchandise sales.

The release date has been moved several times: “Donda” was then believed to be released on July 23. Then it was moved to August 7 and then to August 13. Last week the displayed date was later to the 15, and now Apple Music presents the pre-release date as Aug. 20. 

“Kanye West will move the release date of Donda to August 6th,” media personality Justin Laboy wrote in a tweet on July 23. “Thanks for your patience. He wants to give his fans the best possible product without rushing anything. He loves yall with all of his heart. God bless.”

Collaborator Malik Yusef then reiterated what Laboy wrote in an Instagram caption on July 24, also teasing the August release date. Later that day, Jermaine Dupri said West’s decision to postpone the release wasn’t that surprising.

Not much is known about “Donda” but what we do know is that it has 24 tracks and features collaborations with Jay Z, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, Playboi Carti and Pop Smoke. Also, the name of the album, Donda, is the name of his mother who died a decade ago and was very close to West. “You know, she’s here with us and she’s guiding us,” he reportedly said.

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