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Jason Lee is under fire over royal palace “exclusive’’




Jason Lee, founder of popular pop culture website Hollywood Unlocked, has recently been under fire with one of his most recent news stories which turned out to be a complete hoax.

The story in question was an announcement that the Queen of England had died, which of course was untrue, but Lee was adamant that he was right because he ‘’has never been wrong’’.


Other pop culture outlets such as BuzzFeed News, confirmed that the Queen had spoken to the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson during the week.

That was still not enough for Mr Jason Lee, he was so sure that he had broken the news before every other news outlet, including Buckingham Palace making their own statement regarding this apparent news.

Another reason why Lee felt so strongly about being right was he had apparently heard the news ‘directly’ from a celebrity wedding (Edward Enninful, Vogue editor – in – chief), which also according to himself, the Queen was meant to be going to.

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This news already seems too far fetched from the fact alone that the Queen had stopped in-person meetings after testing positive with Covid, she wasn’t published on any guest lists and hasn’t got any sort of personal relationship with Enninful.

Nonetheless, Lee said that a guest at the wedding who is apparently close to the Queen, received a phone call and people were then ‘informed of what had happened’. It seems to be that Lee was the one that was MISinformed / there was a misunderstanding with regards to what had actually happened…

Death of Queens of the Stone Age singer, Mark Lanegan, died unexpectedly Tuesday aged 57, which where have been where it got lost in translation.


The Instagram post by Hollywood Unlocked does still remain on Instagram and online, however Instagram have labelled it as ‘false information’.

Buckingham Palace initially declined to comment on the story, they don’t often respond to rumours.

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