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Chiquis Rivera says that addiction and lies ended her marriage



chiquis rivera

Singer Chiquis Rivera revealed new details about her marriage with Lorenzo Mendez that caused their separation in 2020, months after reaching the altar. She assured the addictions of Mendez and the lies ended the marriage. 

Rivera and Mendez got married on June 29, 2019, but after some scandals, Chiqui Rivera announced her divorce in September 2020. 

Chiquis confessed in an interview with People in Spanish that in 2019 she was ready to take the next step, to leave her single life behind and become a married woman but she was later disappointed when she realized her fiancé apparently wasn’t ready to do the same. 

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So far, the divorce has not been able to come to an end. The court date is set for April and at that moment Lorenzo will have to say whether or not he accepts the separation.

After ending the relationship with Mendez, which has been described as abusive, Chiquis is now in a relationship with photographer Emilio Sanchez, whom she mentions in her latest book as “the boy with pretty eyes.” 

Rivera has also said she is not afraid of what Mendez might be saying, since she has witnesses of the alleged assaults she suffered.

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