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UK Report: Queen Elizabeth is reportedly ‘’lawyering up’’ over Prince Harry’s memoir




Harry’s memoir is set to be released next year around the time of the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations – and of course it has caused a stir!

There have been rumours that the Royal Family have had enough with regards to Harry and Meghan’s ongoing attempt to sell stories of what ‘apparently’ goes on behind closed palace doors.


A ‘’royal source’’ has commented:

“The feeling, coming right from the top, is that enough is enough. There is a limit to how much will be accepted and the Queen and Royal family can only be pushed so far. They are getting lawyered up. Harry and Meghan will be made aware and know repeated attacks will not be tolerated.”


There is also naturally a fear that if someone were to be named in the book and accused of something, not only would it cause problems but that could be a libel and also go against their rights of a private family life – which they have managed to stay on top of for so many years.

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It has been rumoured that the Queen’s ‘team’ are considering taking legal action against Harry’s publishing house, Penguin Random House, in order to stop further ‘rumours’ coming out.


The battle between the Royals seemed to stem from the Oprah interview back in March, when the claims of someone in the Royal Family – other than the Queen or Prince Philip – had instigated questions related to their son, Archie’s skin colour – whether or not it had been taken out of context is the argument itself.

There are also concerns that the American public will start to believe the ‘lies’, and therefore it starts a whole new media war, as well as tarnishing the Royal Family with a bad reputation.

The source that has been commenting on the situation, also added: ‘It would be ironic if Harry and Meghan were accused of breaching privacy their pronouncements on the subject.

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