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Ricky Martin & Paloma Mami collab on new song ‘Qué Rico Fuera’



Picture courtesy of Billboard

Ricky Martin popped the summer off with a hot new single.

The banger, “Qué Rico Fuera,” dropped on June 8, featuring Chilean American newcomer Pamola Mami. The single is from Martin’s upcoming album Play.

“I think my manager was the one who told me that he had the song ready,” Pamola said. “I heard it and fell in love with it. It’s incredible to be on this catchy song and it’s just what I needed in my career.”

The track mixes genres like Pop, Afro-Latin, and Urban style written by Martin and Mami alongside producers Wissem Larfaoui, Kevyn Mauricio Cruz, and Juan Camilo Vargas. 

On the other hand, the music video for the rhythmic bop directed by Jessy Terrero is now out on YouTube and all digital music outlets. 


Picture courtesy of ‘Qué Rico Fuera’ music video

Take a closer look into the ‘Qué Rico Fuera’ music video:

Martin and Mami describe the song as “lit,” “sabrosura” (flavorful), and Martin’s personal favorite “Freaky Ricky.” 

The 49-year-old singer said, “My thing is to find magic in different cultures and break barriers. At the end of the day, I grab a bit of the rhythms that move me, turn them into my sound, and that’s the dynamic that has worked.” 

Also, Martin and Mami recorded the song separately and met for the first time on the music video set in California. They both agreed this is just what people needed right now. 

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Martin said, “This song, ‘Qué Rico Fuera,’ the first single from my upcoming album Play, is all about celebration – celebrating life around the world after what we have been through the last year and a half.”

“After the challenging year we all just had, all I wanted to do was make music that would really make you want to let loose. ‘Qué Rico Fuera’ came at the right time,” the Puerto Rican star continues. “It’s sensual and full of rhythm.” 

Although this is their first collab together, the connection between these two is beyond professional. Martin said their connection is astrological, and everything he does with a Scorpio turns out successful. While Mami, who loves Capricorns, said she knew there was a “magical chemistry” between the two. 


Picture courtesy of @worldjunkies

“Right now, I kind of stepped out of my comfort zone and wrote something way sexier than I usually do,” the 21-year-old singer said. “And I loved it because I was like, ‘In this song, Ricky’s singing is so sexy, so I’m gonna do it too.” 

Nevertheless, Martin’s album Play will be released and available for streaming later this year. 

“Lets break barriers and unify countries. That’s what I want, “the “Livin’ La Vida Loca,” Martin exclaimed. 

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