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New Covid Variant – Omicron




It has been reported that there is a new variant of coronavirus called Omicron, with three cases initially reported it seems to be spreading just as quickly as the first.

The third case that was reported was with someone that is no longer in the UK but was visiting London at the time.


This news has arrived shortly after the UK government set out new measures and restrictions, such as wearing mandatory face masks in shops and when travelling using public transport in England.

Apparently, the new variant, Omicron, was first reported in South Africa, with an even higher re-infection risk.
There are meetings currently been held across the UK to discuss ‘the developments on Omicron’ and what cause of actions needs to be taken to help stop the spread.

Measures that are being taken include PCR tests being taken when people arrive in the UK, as well as having to isolate until they receive their negative result. People across the UK and the rest of the world are also starting to receive their booster jabs, it has been reported that people over 18 will more than likely be offered the jab much earlier than expected.

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Omicron has been detected in a number of countries such as Belgium, Italy, Australia and Hong Kong.

Healthcare professionals and scientists say that this highly developed mutation was most likely from a single patient that couldn’t beat the virus, therefore spreading and mutating. They have said, however, that mutation doesn’t automatically mean bad but it is important to know what the mutations are actually doing, and trying to keep safe in the meantime.

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