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Instagram is testing a new feature that would allow users to order their feed by ‘Favorites’




Instagram is working on a new feature to bring order to the feed of its users by allowing them to categorize accounts as ‘Favorites.’ 

The news report was given by mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi. This week he shared in his Twitter account a pair of screenshots that explain how the feature is to work. 

According to Paluzzi, Favorites would appear in the user’s settings under a tab with the same name. From there, users can choose which followers they want to add to this section. 

Any accounts set as a Favorite would appear higher in the feed, regardless of their popularity or other signals used by the current algorithm.


“Only you can see who’s on your list,” another screenshot reads. “Accounts on your favorites list won’t be notified when you add or remove them.”

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The news arrives just three months after Instagram head Adam Mosseri revealed in a June blog post how the app ranks a user’s feed and stories. 

Instagram currently presents the posts in your feed by the most recent and shared posts from the people you follow, plus other “signals” like how likely you’ll engage with a post. 

This feature may sound familiar because Instagram was testing a different Favorites feature back in 2017. At that time, you would set the exact audience for each post.  For example, you could share a specific picture with just your designated favorites, rather than with your entire following.

It’s not clear yet whether this Favorites feature will become an official feature at all or if it will change before it’s rolled out. For now, Instagram says it “is an internal prototype that’s still in development, and not testing externally.” 

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