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Facebook launches beta test of a newsletter platform: Bulletin




Facebook launched its newsletter platform “Bulletin” aimed to support writers and podcasters. The newsletter platform will be a space for creators to publish their content and grow a subscriber base while monetizing. 

The key features in Bulletin include robust publishing tools since every creator “will have a standalone website under their own brand, and will be able to customize their publication’s name, logo and color palette.” They can also embed content in their publications. 

Bulletin would allow creators to build their independent businesses on their own terms. the creators would have the option to decide the price range of their services, will count with analytics tools, and subscription payments will be handled by Facebook Pay. 

The newsletter platform will be supported by features of Facebook such as Facebook News and Facebook Pages to enable publishing across different platforms and to reach bigger audiences. 

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“Through Bulletin, we want to support these creators, and unify our existing tools with something that could more directly support great writing and audio content — from podcasts to Live Audio Rooms — all in one place. We respect the work of writers and want to be clear that anyone who partners with us will have complete editorial independence,” said Facebook in a publication about the platform. 

Facebook said it was launching the product with U.S. creators and that it was not accepting new ones at this time. Nonetheless, the company said the Bulletin site was available worldwide and it would look to add more international creators after the beta test.

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