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Teen Aman

Disney World Bans Eating



With COVID-19 happening and so much devastation in this world happening this year, don’t you want to take a break, maybe go to the happiest place on earth? All your problems will go away with a nice family trip to Disney World! I wish that were still how it is, but there are added measures that come with the parks reopening. The biggest one right now is that Disney World banned eating and drinking while walking around the park. But they also have precautions such as mandatory maks and social distancing. When you go to Disney World they have their delicious treats around every corner, whether its popcorn, churros or something you’ve never even tried before! But, now you are not able to enjoy these things while simply walking around the park enjoying the vibe.

Eating and drinking while walking around the park requires you to take off, move, or adjust your mask. With all the different types of foods and drinks around every corner, it would be like no one was wearing a mask since they have to adjust where the mask is to consume these delicious treats. Don’t freak out, but this means no more bread service at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, no cheeseburger spring rolls in the Magic Kingdom, no sushi rolls in Epcot, and more. If you live near the park and are craving the famous churros, popcorn, dole whip, or Mickey Mouse soft pretzel, I wouldn’t plan on going anytime soon. But, there is an alternative, Disney released the recipe for some of these delectable treats. So, pop on some iconic Disney music while making your favorite treats with your loved ones then watch your Disney+ favorites.

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