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Clubhouse to change its name to Shortcut




Clubhouse, the audio-only social networking app announced a big change in the brand: they are changing their name. In the second week of September, they will change their name to Shortcut. Other changes would 

“We set out to rename ourselves, something many other successful companies have also done for a wide variety of reasons,” Kurt Schrader, CEO and Co-founder of Clubhouse wrote in a blog post. “Our new name is Shortcut, and we’re pretty excited about it.”

The successful app was released to users back in April 2020, amid the pandemic. Most of the world was shut down and people were staying at their houses. Thus, an app that allowed them to enter a variety of virtual rooms and listen to a small group of speakers talking about any topic was a safe space for many. 

As time passed, the app made important changes to and updates to its features. Clubhouse was limited to iPhone for over a year after its launch, with the Android app only rolling out in May 2021.

In June 2021 Clubhouse made changes such as easing the criteria for creating a club; added more granular notification control options as well as screen reader support for showing an ‘online’ status in the sidebar. 

Also, the app started popping suggestions -people worth following, topics, events- right in the hallway; and introduced a useful bell feature for RSVP-ing and saving events in the calendar.

“This is more than just a name change for us. We’ll be doing a big advertising campaign in New York and San Francisco,” the CEO of the company said. 

He explained in the same post that they would be sponsoring and hosting “tons” of events to introduce themselves to new and current customers. “We’ve only just begun.”

“They say there are no shortcuts in life, and they were mostly right about that. Until now. Goodbye Clubhouse. Hello Shortcut,” Mr. Schrader concluded.

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